Quilting Services

We offer professional machine quilting services by an award-winning long arm quilter. Your quilts are handled with care while in our smoke free, pet free studio. We utilize computer guided and freehand APQS long arm machines.

Edge to Edge

Edge to Edge quilting utilizes a continuous design (Pantograph) that runs from one side of the quilt across to the other side. The design is independent of the pattern on the quilt top. Edge to Edge designs add texture and depth to your quilt and are the most common type of machine quilting, with the fastest turn-around time. Examples of this type of quilting are shown in the Edge to Edge Gallery.


Custom quilting emphasizes the piecing of the quilt. It is used when you want to contain individual designs in each block or area of the quilt. For example, block motifs, border designs, sashing designs, stitch-in-the-ditch, and background fills. Custom quilting may involve removable marking of the quilt with stencils, reference marks, etc. This form of quilting involves a significant amount of design planning to showcase your quilt to its fullest potential. Turn-around time on this type of quilting is much longer than edge to edge quilting, and has a higher cost per square inch, due to the level of detail, time, and effort involved. You can find examples of custom quilting in the Custom Gallery.

Pricing Guide

Pricing is based on the square inch of the quilt and can fall into different categories.

To determine square inches, multiply the length x width = square inches. If your quilt is 72 x 90, that would be 6480 square inches.

Quilting Categories:

Pantograph - Pantograph is an interlocking pattern stitched from edge to edge on the quilt. Pricing starts at .025 up to .03 per square inch, depending on the density of the pattern. Example: 72 x 90 = 6480 Sq In x .025 = $162.00

Pantograph with Separate border treatment - This would consist of a pantograph in the body of the quilt with stitch in the ditch (border) and a separate coordinating border treatment. Pricing starts at .03 up to .035 per square inch. Example: 72 x 90 = 6480 Sq In x .03 = $194.40

Custom - This type of quilting consists of block designs, border treatments, lots of Stitch in the Ditch, and background fillers. This type of quilting will give you a gorgeous heirloom quilt. Pricing starts at .05 and up dependent on the complexity of the quilting. Example: 72 x 90 = 6480 Sq In x .05 = $324.00

There is a minimum charge of $50.00 for Edge to Edge quilting and $75.00 for Custom work.

Pricing is subject to change.

Thread charges: Up to 2 thread colors are included in the price of the quilting. There will be a $2.00 charge for any additional color change (per color change).

For Variegated or Specialty threads there is an additional $5.00 - $7.00 charge.

Battings: I carry Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batts in natural and black.

Hobbs 80/20 Roll - Natural 96" Wide - $8.00 Yd
Hobbs 80/20 Roll - Natural 120" Wide - $10.00 Yd
Hobbs 80/20 Roll - Black 108" wide - $9.00 Yd.

Wide Backings: I carry various 108" wide backings.

How to Prepare Your Quilt For Long Arm Machine Quilting


Mark top edge (direction) of quilt with a pin or "Top" note.

Trim all loose threads from the back. Loose threads may show through the top or back.

Be sure all seams are secure. Check to make sure none of your seams are coming loose. If you have a pieced border, for best results, "stay stitch" 1/4" around the edge of your quilt top. This helps keep the seams from separating while being quilted.

Be sure your top is "square".

Seams should be pressed.

Quilt must be clean and free of any odor or animal hair, to prevent transfer to others quilts.

Do not Baste quilt. Bring, or send, layers separately.


Make sure your backing is square and at least 8" larger than your quilt top. Your batting should be 8" larger also.

Mark top edge of backing fabric with pin or "Top" note.

If you are not sure if your backing is square, please make it larger so that I may square it up.

If using a pieced backing. Cut off selvedges and seam with a 1/2" seam pressed open.