Edge to Edge Photo Gallery

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Angelfish and Wave On Wave Designs
Angelfish Angelfish Closeup Sq WaveonWaveSquare WaveOnWaveCloseSq

Edge-to-edge quilting uses the same pattern across the quilt from side to side. You know, edge-to-edge. These can be meanders, pantograph, or pantograph with separate border treatment.

Freehand Wave Design and Swirls Design
OceanMagic StormAtSea OceanMagic StormAtSea Close Modern Thinking Swirls Design Modern Thinking Close Square

"Ocean Magic" Storm at Sea. Pieced by Hilly Wellborn. Freehand Edge-to-Edge Wave design by Patty Butcher. Awarded 2nd Place Large Duet Category at "Quilts in the Florida Sunshine" Show presented by Tree City Quilt Guild 2007. Also awarded a "Teacher's Ribbon" at Machine Quilters Showcase, Kansas City, 2007.

Feathered Curls and Baptist Fan Designs
Twisted Bargello Square Twisted Bargello Close Square Red and White Schoolhouse Red and White Schoolhouse Close