Features & Options

Below is a list of the Features & Options available on the APQS Long Arm Quilting Machines, with descriptions of each.  Not all Features & Options are available to each machine.  Please check the individual machine page for the features and options that apply to that machine. 

Larry Hero

Standard Machine Features

Horizontal WheelsFloating Horizontal Wheels - Our machines are perfectly balanced on a horizontal wheel system to give you the ease of movement and superb handling you need to stitch beautiful motifs. It includes a set of wheels directly below the head for forward and backward movement, and another set of carriage wheels for sideways movement. The result? You can sew in any direction with ease. Or, check out our Bliss™ track system as an optional accessory for optimal movement.

LED with Black LightLED Light with built-in Black Light - Bright clear lighting of your work-space increases your accuracy and makes quilting easier. Our machine’s LED lighting illuminates your work area with bright light so you can see every stitch, every detail as you quilt. A built-in black light provides contrast when stitching with white thread on a light quilt or other difficult-to-see thread and fabric combinations.



Stitch REguatorOn-demand Automatic Stitch Regulator - Our stitch regulator is the most precise in the industry. It provides accurate stitches – where you want them, when you want them. Most stitch-regulated machines simply measure speed and the distance moved, but our stitch regulator also measures direction, which is critical for achieving the crisp points and sharp corners, especially for stops, starts and quick direction changes. Switch off the stitch regulator to dial in the speed of the needle to match the complexity of the design. (All machines stitch 0-3,500 per minute).


Standard TableAPQS Standard Table - Handcrafted from aircraft grade aluminum. The APQS Standard Table comes in 8’ or 10’ lengths for Larry. No matter which size you choose, you’ll enjoy time-saving features that make your quilting simple and fun.  The quilt top, batting and backing all load from the top so you can easily change the bobbin, smooth out batting, or even sit as you quilt. Our tables do not have junction points in the rails, so that the machine glides smoothly across the entire quilt. Two simple compression brakes hold the rollers in place, allowing you to independently adjust each quilt layer for smooth quilts.

Larry can be upgraded to a 12' Standard Table for an additioal $500.


Deluxe Bliss TableDeluxe Bliss Table - Handcrafted from aircraft grade aluminum. The 8-, 10-, 12- and 14-foot Deluxe Bliss Table offers great time-saving features to make your quilting fun and easy.

Our sturdy, full-length rails and poles are built without junction points, allowing you to quilt smoothly across the entire frame. The quilt top, batting and backing all load from the top so you can easily change your bobbin in the middle of a quilt, or even quilt while sitting.

Photo shows Millie on Deluxe Bliss Table with Overhead lighting ($1,025), and Hydraulic Lift ($2,400).


Super-quiet enclosed DC motor


Self-Lubricating BushingsSelf-Lubricating Bushings - Our self-lubricating needle bar and hopping foot bushings provide smooth operation with no additional lubrication required. This innovative and time-saving feature minimizes maintenance by eliminating unnecessary oiling. In fact, the amount of oil required to care for an APQS machine is a fraction of what other quilting machines need, making maintenance simple and easy.



Simple Touch Pad ControlsSimple Touch Pad Controls - Simple touch pad and handle-mounted controls on the front and back of the machine let you operate and control your machine with the touch of a button. You will be able to complete projects faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible. Our Touch Pad Controls come standard on Millie, Millie30 and Freddie. Image is of Millie or Millie30 Touch Pad controls.



Precision timing by Synchronous Belt Drive - APQS carefully chose belt drive technology as the means of transferring power to the upper and lower shafts. This clean and quiet belt drive requires no grease, eliminating the potential to ruin your quilt. Ask any APQS owner and they will tell you that timing or re-timing is almost nonexistent. In addition, belt drive technology requires no lubrication, is quieter in operation and reduces vibration.


Adjustment-Free Quilt Take-up RollerAdjustment-Free Quilt Take-up Roller- Most machine tables require the quilter to raise the take-up roller as the quilt sandwich is advanced to keep it from rubbing on the machine’s throat. The APQS Adjustment-Free Quilt Take-up Roller is already centered in the throat of our machines. You’ll never have to waste time raising or adjusting it, even at the end of a king- or queen-size quilt.

Our unique compression roller brakes let you adjust the quilt layers independently to manage all quilt types – from delicate antique quilts to heavy denim throws. Simply lift the brake handle to easily advance the quilt.


Bobbin OptionsStandard L Bobbin smartbobbinaaa1.jpg - 3175 Bytes - Larry comes standard with the L Bobbin.

Note:  The L Bobbin is the smaller bobbin in the photo shown. Photo shows both the L & M Bobbin options.






Disk Thread TensionerSimple Disc Thread Tensioner - APQS uses the highest quality industrial-grade disc-style tensioner. Because it adjusts tension as the thickness of the thread changes, you can use virtually any kind of thread, from heavy polyesters to fussy cottons with ease.

The tension is easy to set, and your machine will maintain consistent tension, which is why experienced quilters all across the country prefer the thread tensioner used on APQS machines. Plus, the simplicity of the APQS tensioner ensures many years of trouble-free service.

Simple Disc Thread Tensioner is available on all machines. It is shown on a Millie in photo.


Quick-Change Hopping FootStandard APQS Quick-Change Hopping Foot - Your machine comes ready to accept different optional feet for the different kinds of quilting you do. This makes it simple to change out the machine’s standard template/ruler hopping foot for another foot, such as an optional open toe foot for increased visibility.

The foot height can be adjusted up and down depending on the thickness of batting and/or fabric. Several optional accessory feet are available to help you explore other quilting techniques with your new longarm. Quick-change feet are available as a kit (shown) or sold individually.


Auto Needle PositionerTwo-stage Automatic Needle Positioner - Choose whether you want the needle to stop in the full up or down position when you come to a halt. With the auto needle positioner, you never have to worry about tearing a quilt because the needle stopped partially in the fabric.




Bobbin WinderStand alone APQS Bobbin Winder - Load your own bobbins with thread that matches your specific needs so you can focus on the quilting process. The Bobbin Winder comes standard with all machines and is a high-quality industrial bobbin winder that evenly and quickly loads your bobbins with reliable tension.



Beginner ClassFree one-day beginner class, online training videos and start-up supply kit - Our beginner longarm quilting class (one-day) is taught at numerous locations across the US and other countries. You’ll learn the skills you need to complete typical quilting projects on your new longarm machine including how to maintain your machine and adjust the tension along with much more. We will also get you set up with start up supply kit.

Available Options

Quilt-PathQuilt PathTM Computerized Quilting System - Quilt your masterpiece with ease and professional accuracy using Quilt Path for APQS machines. Enjoy the benefits of an automated quilting system. Quilt Path’s easy to use touch pad makes it simple for you to design and layout your project and let Quilt Path quilt it!

You can add QuiltPath to Millie, Freddi, Lucey, Lenni and Larry for $11,900.


Bliss Track SystemBlissTM track system - Bliss – it’s the only word we could find that could possibly describe that effortless feeling you’ll get when you quilt with our exclusive track system. Specially designed horizontal wheels on the sewing head and roller bearings on the table rails provide smooth, effortless and easy movement allowing you to quilt for hours without feeling tired.

Bliss™ track system maintenance - Unlike other channel systems on the market, the APQS rail profile prevents dirt and thread build-up so you can spend more time quilting and less time cleaning. No adjustments are needed – all you have to do is quilt.

Bliss comes standard on all new machines except Larry. Bliss can be added to Larry for $1,500.

Bliss can also be retrofitted to most existing APQS machines.

Hydraulic Table LiftHydraulic table lift - The hydraulic lift is available as an upgrade. It lets you adjust table height 9 inches with the push of a button, so you’ll always quilt in comfort. This means you can change the height for different quilting techniques, different machine users or even when you’re simply wearing different shoes. Fine-tune the best machine height for your quilting style. The hydraulic table lift can be added to all machines except George.

The cost of the Hydraulic table Lift is $2,400.


Standard Table 12 FtStandard Table 12' - Upgrade your Larry to the 12' APQS Standard Table for an additional $500.

As with all APQS tables, you’ll enjoy time-saving features that make your quilting simple and fun. The quilt top, batting and backing all load from the top so you can easily change the bobbin, smooth out batting, or even sit as you quilt. Our tables do not have junction points in the rails, so that the machine glides smoothly across the entire quilt. Two simple compression brakes hold the rollers in place, allowing you to independently adjust each quilt layer for smooth quilts.

*Standard Table shown with a Lenni

Gen4 Base Expander-Square Throat MachinesGen4 Base Expander - Square Throat Machines -

This Hartley Base Expander fits all “Gen 4” APQS 2019 machines that have a square-back throat and 4 needle plate screws (see photos.) This base does NOT fit any machines with a rounded throat. Simply slip the base expander over the throat of your machine to use longarm templates and rulers safely and easily. The base measures 11 - 3/4 " x 11 - 3/4" to give you extra room for templates and rulers. The base can easily be removed or can be left on the machine while doing other quilting. Base includes one 12-inch straight edge ruler with handle to get you started. Does your machine have a rounded throat? For round-throat Millie machines or Ultimate I machines with a side-mounted thread cutter, order Part # 3000-02. For all other round-throated machines, order Part #3000-03.

The Gen4 Base Expander is $250. 


Hand-Guided Tools & AccessoriesHand-Guided Tools and additional accessories -

There are multiple optional accessories you can purchase for your APQS quilting machine to further enhance your longarm quilting experience. If you have any questions about the optional accessories listed below don’t hesitate to contact us or speak directly to your local retailer.

  • Micro Drive
  • Hartley Fence
  • Base Expander
  • Tool Kit
  • Vertical Cone Holder
  • Horizontal Dual Spool Holder
  • Interchangeable Complete Foot Kit – Stand Up Machines
  • Interchangeable Complete Foot Kit – George


Pantograph KitPantograph Kit - Upgrade your Larry and add a Pantograph Kit. This kit includes rear handles, laser light and plastic table top. Everything you need to allow you to quilte edge-to-edge with your quilting design and more.

Add a Pantograph Kit for $950.



M Bobbin OptionM Bobbin - You can add an M Bobbin to your Larry for an additional $500.

Note:  The M Bobbin is the larger bobbin in the photo shown. Photo shows both the L & M Bobbin options.




Setup & Delivery

Delivery - Shipping & HandlingDelivery - Shippiing & Handling - Shipping in the USA typically costs between $550 - $650. Export costs are your responsibility. There are no crating fees. Most orders should arrive in 1-5 business days from the time the shipment leaves the factory in Carroll, Iowa.

Arrangements can be made if you would like to pick up your machine at the APQS Factory in Carroll, Iowa.


Setup InformationSetup Information - Assembly is simple and will only take a few hours. Every APQS longarm quilting machine comes with machine, table, patterns, thread, bobbins, bobbin winder, needles and more.

The machine will also come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step assembly instructions as well as a basic training CD and manual. The sewing head is assembled for you; you only need to add the handles and axles and assemble the table.

If assistance is needed our technicians are always available at 800-426-7233.


APQS Professional SetupProfessional In-home Setup - If you’d like an APQS team member to set up your machine, we’re happy to help. Our crew will set up and assemble your new quilting machine and table where you want it.  In addition, they will make any table and wheel adjustments needed along with installing the bobbin, thread and needle.

We offer the option of professional in home/business setup for an added cost of $750.


Every complete quilting system comes with machine, table, canvas covered rollers, patterns, thread, bobbins, needles, industrial bobbin winding machine, simple easy-to-follow assembly instructions, basic training video and manual on CD.

Assembly is simple and should only take a couple of hours. If help is needed our technicians are standing by on the phone or we offer professional in home/business setup.

To Order: Call 850-502-0272 or e-mail: Patty@Katydids.net