Quilt PathTM

Quilt your masterpiece with ease and professional accuracy using Quilt PathTM, made specifically for APQS quilting machines. Enjoy the benefits of a professional, computerized quilting system in the comfort of your own home. Quilt Path'sTM easy-to-use touch screen tablet makes it simple for you to design and lay out your project, and let Quilt PathTM quilt it.

APQS Quilt Path computerized quilting system


$11,900 + Freight and Tax or export
Microsoft Surface Pro


Software to design your own patterns, pantographs, borders, and full-quilt layouts.
Mirror, rotate, or adjust your layout, including precise pattern placement on your quilt.
Alternate and nest patterns and rows.
Record and save freehand quilted patterns for future stitching.
Access a vast library of quilt-ready patterns.
Import a wide variety of pattern files.
Professional accuracy.
Thread break detection.
Release carriage for basic manual control.
Free online training.
Remove the Quilt PathTM touch screen tablet from your quilting machine, and lay out your next quilt from anywhere.

To Order: Call 850-502-0272 or e-mail: Patty@Katydids.net