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IQ (IntelliQuilter) Workshops

2023 Classes

Held a 3-day IQ Workshop on October 19th thru October 21st at Katydids Quilting Studio in Toccoa, GA.

What an awesome IQ class! Patty Butcher taught us so much. It was so much fun, and she makes it easy to understand. Her enthusiasm is infectious. If you want to learn and use your software to its full potentential, I highly recommend her class.

Lori K.

Held a 3-day IQ Workshop on August 22nd thru August 24th at Katydids Quilting Studio in Toccoa, GA.
August 22nd to 24th 29023 Iq Class Toccoa GA

If you own IQ, treat yourself to this great workshop and world class teacher, Patty Butcher. Check her website for future dates and any open slots. Do it NOW!!

Sue Rapp

 You won't regret spending the money for training, money well spent and highly recommend Patty Butcher

Karen Benson 

Such a great class!  Thank you, Patty, for the instruction, for your kindness, for the great lunches and for the experience!  

Karen Andersen 


Held a 3-day IQ Workshop on June 10th thru June 12th at A Quilter's Choice Studio in Highlands Ranch, CO, GA.

Patty is an awesome instructor!  Our 3 days were jam packed with basics and advanced techniques and lots of short cuts and tips.  Can’t wait to get the quilt on my machine finished so I can play with what I learned.
If you get a chance to take a class with Patty, do it!

Margaret Reek

Held a 3-day IQ Workshop on February 28th thru March 2nd at Katydids Quilting Studio in Toccoa, GA.

Dear Patty, Thank you doesn’t begin to describe how grateful I am for your class! The quilt map that I sent you is now all stitched out. I could NOT have done it without the knowledge you shared with us and your fabulous handouts!! Thank you, Sandra Stansell :)

2022 Classes

Held a 3-day IQ Workshop on August 27th thru August 29th at A Quilter's Choice, Myrna Ficken's studio in Highlands Ranch, CO just South of Denver.

Hi Patty... 🙂I just wanted to pop in and hello... I also thank you yet again for the workshop at Myrna's. I have been working through my Holiday rush of quilts and I truly feel like I have a whole new system with the things I learned from you... from the most simple set up to realigning the pattern... setting in blocks and sizing appropriately... it all is finally clicking in my head!!! Yes... when I get stuck... I still hear your voice walking me through step by step... Even my Husband commented that the workshop was the best investment in my business!!... 🙂

Held a 3-day IQ Workshop on October 3rd to October 5th at Katydids Quilting Studio in Toccoa, GA.

2019 - 2020 Classes

I just finished another two Workshops. One on January 10th & 11th, at Donna Thomas Quilt Studio in San Angelo, TX, and a second Workshop on February 8th & 9th, at Katydids Quilting Studio here in Brooksville, FL.

Some of the comments from the attendees are below:

San Angelo Class -

I loved this class.  I've been quilting for several years but I'm self taught.  Some of the class content I was already familiar with, but I had several "lightbulb" moments.

Thank you! You are a gifted, excellent instructor.

Best class ever!  You are an excellent teacher - Look forward to more classes.

I would highly recommend this two day workshop . . . It was worth every penny!

Brooksville Class -

Absolutely loved the course!  Exceeded all expectations.  So glad I made the trip (from Canada).  Wonderful teacher, wonderful studio, excellent course content.  Would highly recommend this course!

I learned a lot that will help me quilt faster and better.

I am a newbie to longarming & IQ, but I learned soooo much!

As a highschool teach of 35 years and college instructor of 10+, you do a great job!

Some comments from two Workshops. One on August 10th & 11th, at Red Bird Quilts (Sherri Hayes) in Holt, FL, and a second Workshop on August 24th & 25th, at Katydids Quilting Studio here in Brooksville, FL.

Some of the comments from the attendees are below:

Holt Class -

"Thanks Patty! I can't tell you how much I learned from your class. I appreciate all you did."

"There was so much to learn I have brain overload, but I'm looking forward to putting what we learned into practice. Thanks to all for an awesome time! Thanks Sherri for hosting, Patty for teaching, Mom for getting our lunch and all the wonderful students I got to meet!"

"Thank you so much. I am ecstatic. Went to machine and put my borders on. Yes! So confident. Thank you. I believe you are excellent. You spoke a language I understood. Not only showed the procedure, but the why behind it. Thank you."

Brooksville Class -

"All was excellent, learned a great deal.  Loved being able to work on our tablet along with the instructor."

> "Thank you for such a well organized class."

You did Great! I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and learned a ton! I'm looking forward to more classes in the future."

"Excellent course! Totally exceeded all expectations! I am thrilled with all that I learned this weekend, it will make a tremendous difference in my quilting skills."


If you are interested in hosting a training class at your studio or workshop, please contact me.